Friday, October 24, 2008

world chess championship -- chess club at school? or at the lib?

Dear Zubin:

I am sure you are quite excited by the WCC08 going on, the first match of which was drawn yesterday.

It may be a good idea to form a local group - perhaps at school - but may be it would be better in the library - where some stronger people may also be there - to consider the matches soon after they happen. Typical matches would be starting at 9 AM your time, and normally may be finished by about 2 PM end of school day...

So on the days of the match you can then have a small conclave going over the games!! If it is the library you could even bicycle down - today's high for e.g. was 65 degrees - so maybe it is do-able... trust the bicycles are in running condition...

Here are the dates of the WCC:

Game 1: Tuesday, October 14
Game 2: Wednesday, October 15
--> gap this Thursday
Game 3: Friday, October 17
Game 4: Saturday, October 18
--> gap Sunday
Game 5: Monday, October 20
Game 6: Tuesday, October 21

Game 7: Thursday, October 23
Game 8: Friday, October 24

Game 9: Sunday, October 26
Game 10: Monday, October 27

Game 11: Wednesday, October 29

Game 12: Friday, October 31

Tiebreak: Sunday, November 2

All rounds, including the tiebreak, start at 3 p.m. local time (= 9 a.m. ET).

Also, I am not sure you are playing in the Brother John tournaments - probably they are not as good. Anyhow I am forwarding something for the coming weekend.

I heard you did well in a tournament and also got some money. Good for you. It would be nice if you mailed me occasionally. As you may know, I tried calling some 10-15 times on Oct 3 for dada's birthday but no one picked up, which is why I thought I would start writing.

Well - hope you are enjoying your chess!!



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