Friday, October 24, 2008

chess, SAT, and diwali

Dear Zubin:

these days i have introduced the chess clock in the tea room we have at office - i have been playing occasional games with others, none of whom, like me, have ever played with a chess clock. everytime i play, i remember how you had learned chess for the first time, and then how you first started playing in the library, and then in the RTM, and now you are gradually going up. in between, it was i who learned from you, for example, the protocols of using a chess clock...

thank you!

i wonder about so many things, zubie. your SAT scores. you had a test in the library on august 16 - wonder how that went - most likely you were around 700 in quant at least, and verbal was also going there. now the main SAT is coming up in a month or so you still need to do more on verbal - one way is to have everyone in the family use the words that are there in the wordlist - that way not only you but everyone can expand their vocab; but for you, there is no better way to go ahead on vocab than to use these words in everyday conditions.

other than that, there is this obama fever in the air. it seems a good thing for the USA after a long time. i think now is a good time to invest in the stock market, now that it is so low. what do you think?

what else? i am of course quite happy about Anand's 3-game lead... are you guys managing to follow these games, I wonder.

out here diwali is around the corner. this is the time when every house is lit with candles, and children burst firecrackers. i have almost never been with you at diwali - but of course we have burst some crackers together on fourth of july, thanks to the hurleys.

so many things going on. trust you are doing well. so much, so much, i want to wish you well. all of you, in everything you do.

good morning!


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